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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Earn rubles with IPWEB for doing easy tasks

In this post i will introduce a trusted paying site called IPWEB which pays you in Rubles for making simple tasks at social media (,,,, telegram,, -click at every one to register if you didn't- and surfing through sites and blogs.

so you can get payed for likes and shares and join groups or channels.

The site Discription :
1- Register to the site from this link IPWEB

2- Log in to your account and go to "account" from the left list
3- From the first tap "account" check on "do not show +18 sites/tasks" and save (keeb your money clean 😇)

4-  From the "payment requisites" tap add your favorite wallet to receive your payment (payeer recommended because you can deposit and withdraw 2000$ daily with out verification)

5- From social networks start to link your link your account at this social media sites (i recommend you to use secondary or new account) and make sure that you logged in to all this accounts at the same browser you use IPWEB)

6- From the last tap "earning settings" choose all options.

7- From the "earning" tap you can start earn rubles from surfing or social tasks and i recommend you to download IPweb surf to get more jobs than the sites.

8- you can withdraw your earning when you reach the minimum payment and it's only 3rub 😀 

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