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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Moon feucets walkthrough

At this post we will know about Moon sites
they are a very special crypto facutes but they don't need eny high efforts from you because you don't net to solve captcha every minute to get little amount of crypto but you only need to keep the site bage open and collect your coins once or twice a day 😎

Sites Description :-
1- At first you need to register at coinpot mini wallet through this link COINPOT

2- Register at the 5 moon sites through this links with the same e-mail you registered at COINPOT :
   - Moon Bictoin 
   - Moon LiteCoin 
   - Moon DogeCoin  
   - Moon Dash

3- You must stop all ad blockers for this sites to collect your coins

4- withdraw your coins any time you need but you must withdraw once a day or the facute will stop collecting

5- every time you withdraw from the facutes you will get 3
coinpot tokens and you can exchange them with bitcoin

6- Don't forget to check the challenges at coinpot to increase your earnings

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