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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Activating two factor authentication

At this post i will describe a very important matter for the security of your wallets , e-banks , exchanges , earning websites and etc...
The  two factor authentication or 2FA 
In simple meaning that it's another layer for signing in in your accounts by providing a code generated randomly you must enter for fully signing in ,so if any one else get your account user name and password he can't log in to your account without this code

Activating 2FA step by step
  1. Use your mobile phone and search for 2fa app like Google authentication or Authy (authy is preferred because it store your 2fa keys with an account even if you lost or formatted your phone and it has a PC application too) DOWNLOAD (authy android) (authy IOS) (authy website)
  2. Register an account
  3. From the site you use (e-bank, exchanger, wallet and ects) go to security section at account sittings and choose to activate 2FA you will get a QR codeand asks you for a code
  4. Open Authy from your phone there is 3 dots menu north left click on it and select (add account)
  5. Put your camera on front of the QR code showen at website and press (Scan QR Code)
  6. If you open the site from your phone so copy the code and paste it manually at Authy by selecting (Enter Code Manually)
  7. After Authy success to scan the code it will move you to edit the name of account
  8. You will see at Authy a code changed automatically every 30 seconds write it at your site at demanded box and save the sittings
  9. Now every time you log in to your account you will asked to put the 2FA code so open Authy and get the code
  10. You can put a lot of accounts at authy for any site you seek
  11. Don't forget to set a pin code to authy from (sittings > MY ACCOUNT > App Protection) to secure your app too
  12. i recommend you to take a screen shot for the QR code from any site you activated 2FA and save it at safe place with name of every site or account info in case you lost your Authy information

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