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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

MircoWorkers walkthrough

In this post we will talk about one of the best earning sites which pay you for doing simple tasks like selling e-mails , download programs and apps and register tasks and you can withdraw your money when you reach 9$+fee to paypal ,skrill and payoneer
MicroWorkers description:-
  1. Register to the site from this link MicroWorkers
  2. After confirming your mail you will take a simple English test  for initiation but be careful that if you fall the exam your  registration will be canceled 
  3. After successful initiation you can browse tasks from Jobs tap
  4. Read the task requirement carefully and do what you asked for the task and verification 
  5. After submitting the job wait for confirmation from the task owner 
  6. You can do many tasks as you like
my payment proof :

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