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Monday, January 20, 2020

PayPal walkthrough

At this post we will talk about PayPal the first e-bank which founded in 1988 by Elon musk to be the first gate to transfer money and purchase items through the web
PayPal description :-
  1. Sign up from this link PayPal
  2. Choose personal account then continue
  3. Insert the required information in the two pages
  4. If you have a credit card skip the next step until you got one and if you have credit card then put it and follow the verification steps
  5. Don't forget to verify your e-mail and phone number and activate the 2FA for your security (CLICK HERE TO KNOW HOW)
  6. After linking the card then your PayPal account is ready now to receive payments from any site 
  7. PayPal will send any money you received to your credit card every 1st day of the month with no fee but if you choose to send the money from your PayPal account to the card manually there is 5$ fee

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