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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

picoworkers walkthrough

In this post we will know about one of the most famous sites which pay you for doing simple tasks like sign ups , downloads , surfing sites , social media likes and shares and other .......
The site give you 0.75$ bonus to help you make your own tasks and the minimum withdraw is as low as 5$ and you can withdraw to paypal or crypto (LTC)
PicoWorkers description :-  
  1. Register to the site from this link PicoWorkers
  2. Enter all your informations and confirm your e-mail
  3. Click on Small Jobs tab to browse the jobs 

  4. Select any task and read all steps carefully and do what the employee asks for work and proof 
  5. Wait until the employee review your proof and pay you if you did every thing good but you can do more and more jobs
  6. Keep your success rate high by doing all jobs well
  7. You can ask for withdraw when you reach 5$ without the 0.75$ bonus you got after register


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