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Thursday, February 20, 2020

LightShot the profissional screen shot tool

At this post we will know about the most professional and easy screenshot tool we can use at the micro tasks sites described at this site
Light shot is not only a website you can upload your photos at like all sites, but is has an application to help you take the screenshot , modify it and upload it and all of that in only one screen
LightShot description :-
  1. Go to LightShot website and download the application here
  2. Installing the application
  3. Just click the keyboard button (PrtScr) to take screenshot 
  4. Select the area needed for the screenshot by the mouse
  5. Use the tool you need to modify the image taken
  6. After modifying you can upload your image by clicking at the cloud shape icon and after the upload complete you will get the link
  7. Place your mouse on all icons to show its use
  8. You can also share the image directly to your social media without uploading or searching it at google or saving it at your computer

    You will need this tool with sites like PicoWorkers & IPWeb

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