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Monday, February 10, 2020

SCAM advisor & TrustPilot are SCAM

Hey there
At this post we will know very important thing about the sites that most of us uses them to check the earning sites if they are legit or SCAM before start working or investing but finally they find that these earning sites are SCAM !!!
So how this sites have a good review at SCAMadvisor or TrustPilot ?
Simply the owners of these SCAM earning sites make payed tasks at sites like picoworkers to give their SCAM sited a 5 stars rate and a good review and tell the workers what to write as a review like "their site is paying and they receive the payments" or like "they invested and got profits" and ects......
So please don't believe any SCAM checking sites because all reviews are fake and payed for
Be safe

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