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Monday, March 23, 2020

earning from the internet truth

A lot of people are spending much time on their computers and smart phones seeking earning from the internet but most of them just loosing the time for nothing.
The problem is they find too much sites pretend to make you earn money but at last you find that you can't make any or if you can make you will find that the amount of money made is so little or you can't withdraw it because the site is SCAM even if you tried to check the reviews of the earning sites you will find a lot of good reviews which in fact they are all fake and payed for (read this for more info). you also will meet a lot of people online pretend to make you rich or making a lot of money in a short period by investing in shady companies but they are some ropers who want to steal your money or may be they are beg for referrals and want you to register to the site they are try to earn for to increase they earnings, and at last you will loose hope in earning from the internet after wasting much time.
From the beginning of your journey you followed the wrong bath because earning from the internet is like earning from real life as you need to work or make a project to make money because no one in the internet will pay money for nothing as at the real life.
So first you need to know what is your profession and search for the people who need any service based on it. so there is some freelancing platforms which help you as worker and others who seek your work like fivers and upwork. and even if you don't have any profession you can find platforms for simple tasks like social media jobs (follow, likes, shares and ect.....) and there is a lot of this sites descripted prefly like picoworkers, microworkers, ipweb and vktarget. or you can start your own project like a website and publish ads on it from and ads company like adsense or propeller ads.
So at last you need to remember that the earning from the internet is real but not easy and you need to follow the write bath.

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