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Sunday, March 8, 2020

NetBox web browser

At this post we will know about a new web browser connected to a token named as NBX and you can get this token just by using this web browser and you will get an activity reward every day
The browser has a weak referral program (only 3 invitations) so you will work with your own
- NetBox Description :-
  1. Download NetBox web browser from this link NBX
  2. Create your account and confirm your e-mail
  3. Log in to your account at NetBox browser and create a new wallet and save the 12 phrases in safe place
  4. Leave you wallet to sync with the network (it will take an hour) then you will get 20 NBX tokens with value of 1.2$
  5. To earn more don't sell them to an exchanger but go to the stake tab and deposit all your 20 NBX to stake for daily stake reward
  6. Using this browser or open few web sites on it and leave it opened to earn the daily activity reward
  7. Deposit your daily stake and activity rewards to stake for more staking rewards earning
  8. If you wanna sell your tokens you can use Crex24 exchanger (click here to register)

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