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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

followfast the social media exchange site

At this post we will know about another social media exchange site for who seeks a free method to get likes, follows and traffic for his social media pages or web sites and you can also improve your site alexa rank 😮 (click here for the other site FollowLike) (click here for the other site FanSlave)
- FollowFast description:-
  1.  Register a new account from this link FollowFast
  2. After confirming your e-mail start earning points from the top main menu by selecting any task from the deferent social platforms or websites surfing
  3. Also you can have a daily and hourly bonus after clicking 15 hits
  4. After collecting points you can use them to improve your social media accounts, pages and channels by adding your own at any section you want
  5. As from the site you can withdraw your earnings if you reach 1.5$ to paypal or payeer but i didn't test that as my main goal is getting real hits for my social media account but if i test this i will but my payment proof here

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