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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Propeller ads review (bad experience)

At this post i will give you a review for PropellerAds platform which i was using for publishing ads in my site
At first i was attracted to this company because they accept every website with payed or free domains and you don't need good alexa rank like most other ads platforms and the profits was acceptable for me as a beginner with small amount of visitors and also i read a lot of review about them some was good and some was bad but as i don't trust review because they may be paid for i decided to try my self but i found some problems
The first problem is the NSFW ads for dating sites and porn sites and i couldn't find any sittings to control the ads shown in my sites so i contacted the support and they reply was that they don't publish NSFW ads !!! which increased a lot these days because of home quarantine so i reduced the banners to reduce there ads
The second problem which i read before from the reviews that they lock accounts and don't pay people and that's what happened with me as i found my account was banned without any warning and when i contacted support for information and i got this reply !!!
 that it 😂😂😂 and you can't discus them 
So please don't waste your time and keep away from these NSFW ads platform with undiscussable support team


  1. شكرا على المعلومة
    برضو ادز تيرا بتعرض اعلانات اباحية

    1. أدز تيرا بتقدر تتحكم في الإعلانات بعكس بروبلر
      وهي أساسا شركة ملهاش لازمة ومش بتدي أرباح أساسا


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