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Thursday, May 28, 2020

pi network review (keep away)

Hi there
At this post i will give you a quick review for the new coin pi network which made the most google search results and made more than 1 million mobile app download.
  • All announces for pi network are from users and you can't find any announce at any trusted coin news site which make this coin unknown to the crypto community and this is the first problem for pi network as you can't find any trusted informations about it.
  • Pi network is POW coin you can mine from your phone but it isn't use your phone CPU at all which mean that there is no mining process and it's only the application counter who give you this coins. 
  • Unlike all crypto coins and tokens pi network don't have blockchain for coin transactions which make a question : how the mined pi network coins transferred to the application wallet without blockchain ?
  • If we look at pi network application permissions we will find that the ask for permissions not suitable for any crypto wallet or miner such as :
    - read phone status and identity
    - read the contents of your USB storage
    - modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
    - read your contacts
    - control vibration
    - full network access
  which mean that this application control your phone and can modify or delete your data !!! and this is so danger for any one who have private data such as private pictures and bank accounts
So from this reviews i advice you to keep away from pi network coin until we have any trusted informations for this coin, and we see the full coin system like blockchain and wallet, and see the pi network application suspicious permissions problem solved
Stay away and keep your personal data save

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