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Saturday, July 11, 2020

earn rubles for doing simple social media tasks with vkserfing

Hello friends
at this post we will talk about vkserfing  as he is one of the best Rubles earning sites for doing only simple social media tasks
Like his brother vktarget it asks you to follow, like and watch posts at social media sites instagram, vk, telegram, likee and tiktok
- vkserfing description :-
  1. Register from this link VKSERFING 
  2. To verify your account you will get a phone call and you need to put the last 4 digits from the calling number

  3. Start linking your instagram, vk, telegram, likee and tiktok accounts (see the above picture)
  4. From the assignments tap you can start making tasks from the platform you seek as it have available tasks (see the above picture)
  5. The task requirement is shown as small icon on the task (see the above picture) and the task requirement you see at pic is (add friend or follow) and there is another task requirements presented as (heart for likes) and (eye for watching only)
  6. after your balance reach 50 rub you can order to withdraw your funds to webmoney, phone, yandex, qiwi and payeer . the withdraw is done every Saturday 
  7. From the period i worked at the site i found that the most tasks are from instagram and there is some from vk and telegram, and so few from likee and tiktok
My 51 rub Payment Proof received today (11/07/2020) 

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