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Sunday, October 18, 2020

step by step Connecting your Idena node to VPS from Digital ocean



At this post and based on the previous Idena coin post i will describe to you how to connect your Idena coin node to a Linux VPS from digital ocean to keeb it running 24/7 for mining so you can close the client at your computer without taking any mining penalties.

-Connecting the node to Digital Ocean:-

  1. Click to register on Digital Ocean .
  2. After entering your info you need to pay 5$ from paypal or just connect your credit card (they will not charge you any thing) to get 100$ bonus valid for 60 days.
  3. To create your VPS click on create and select droplets.
  4. From Choose an image Select the Ubuntu.
  5. From Choose a plan you can select any good plan like 40$/mo for the first 60 days to use all your bonus credit.
  6. From Choose a datacenter region choose any area near from you .
  7. From Authentication select password and insert your VPS password.
  8. Skip to the end of the page and click create droplet then wait for a moment until the VPS created and the IP appear.
  9. Click to download Putty and instal it to connect to your VPS.
  10. Download this bat file  (the source of this file is
  11. Right click on the downloaded bat file and select edit then remove the stars and enter your VPS IP on the line and don't remove the quotes (set VPS_IP=”****”) ,and enter the VPS password you inserted in step 7 on the line(set VPS_PASSWORD=”****”) and don't remove the quotes too 😁 then save the changes and close the bat file.
  12. Open the bat file and insert this orders to connect to your VPS :

  - cd/home

  - mkdir idena-manager

  - cd idena-manager

  - source <(curl -sL

* after the last line wait for a moment until the node downloaded to your VPS.

  - cd ..

  - idena-manager add

* after the last line you need to click enter 1 time thin it will ask you about the api key which you can get from this path in your PC (%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Idena\node\datadir) then open the file api.key with notepad and get the key you need and put it then press enter, then it will ask you about the node key which you can find at the path (%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Idena\node\datadir\keystore) then open the file with notepad to get the key  then press enter and wait for a moment until the node run.

   13. Open your Idena client and go to (settings>node) and disable (Run built-in node) and enable (Connect to remote node) then insert (http://localhost:9999) at Node address and insert your api key at Node api key then save both the you will find the client connected to the node and start the sync processes.

* that is the whole thing and if you can't understand any part just say at comments

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