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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

IDENA coin (iDNA) the new mining technology

Hello there

At this post we will know about a mine-able crypto currency that any one can mine without GPU or CPU at it based on proof-of-person blockchain where every node belongs to a certain individual and has equal voting power.

- IDENA mining description :-

  1. Download iDNA client for windows.
  2. Install iDNA client and start it and it will download the client and blockchain.
  3. Wait for iDNA wallet to full sync.
  4. After your wallet fully sync with blockchain you will need an invitation code to join the iDNA community by joining idena telegram group.
  5. Once you activated your invitation you need to wait until the date and time of session to solve some pictures to activate your identity to be able to mine.
  6. After you succeed at the session you will gain a reward of iDNA coins to your balance and stake and there will be locked balance will be released to your balance after the third session.
  7. Your grade in the community will upgrade based on the number of sessions you attend and the sessions score so keep your score high.
  8. To mine all you need to do is to activate the mining button and keep the wallet opened.
  9. If the wallet turned off for one hour you will take a mining penalty and you will mine for a period of time (6 hours) without get any tokens.
  10. you can make more than 50$ monthly with sessions and mining.
 Keeping your PC and iDNA client open 24/7 for mining may be annoying for some so i will describe at another post how can you make the node running using Linux vps cost only 5$ monthly   

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